Welcome to PolarHaven.net. This site is a growing collection of information and coding projects. It is here as an outlet for playing around with webpages and sharing information. This site is also a resource of several useful databases for your own enjoyment.

Wilderness Wanderings Blog

Wilderness Wanderings + Hiking

On the blog I share about all sorts of different things from life. On the Hiking extension I have trip reports from my hikes including photos and tracks. A big part of the trip reports is my journey to hike all of Colorado's 54 14ers.

SWCCG Database

This database contains data about every card in existence for the Star Wars Customizable Card Game including the Virtual Cards from the SWCCG Player's Committee. Its specialty is cross-linking built in to the game text of each card that quickly lets you look up other cards referenced on the spot. This page has become quite popular and is even a "partner" link from the Star Wars CCG Players Committee.

Church Index

This is a growing resource of church information. Also, the highlight of this page is the Lutheran Hymns Database, which is a searchable database of the last 4 major Lutheran hymnals recognized by the LCMS. Another highlight is that the entire Book of Concord has been posted online here.

David's Militaria

This page presents an affiliate's collection of US and Third Reich Militaria objects and serves both as a display of his collection as well as a resource for other collectors.

Sports Archive

This archive contains basic standings and historical data of the major sports of the last several years as well as Olympics Medal info.

Lord of the Rings Trivia

Just asks you question after question and will then tell you if you've got the right answer. A simple way to kill some time and enjoy the world of Tolkien.

Star Wars Books Chronology

This is a listing of all the major Star Wars books from Bantam Spectra and Del Rey with how they fit into the greater chronology of the Star Wars expanded universe.

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